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SAP Cloud for Travel and Expenses

Book travel, process expense claims and reimbursements and manage approvals on mobile devices or desktop with a fast to deploy cloud solution that tightly integrates with your SAP on-premise Finance and HR systems

With SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense, you and your managers can use mobile devices to approve trip requests, expense reports, and exceptions and immediately update the status of trips and expenses. Increased automation means fewer manual  steps, resulting in fewer errors and faster reimbursements.

The solution enables automatic assignment of receipts to expense reports based on dates and helps to reduce the time it takes to organize receipts. Optical character recognition technology is used to itemize images of your expenses for quicker entry of travel expense receipts. Real-time receipt capture and feeds of corporate credit card charges minimize inconsistent or incomplete data and help you to quickly access charges.

Comply with corporate travel policies

SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense simplifies the way you enforce legal and corporate tax regulations and travel policies. You can set up your corporate booking policies and preferred suppliers through online booking partners and quickly take action when a trip is outside of policy parameters. 

The solution enables you to set up expense categories and limits, based on both corporate policies and legal requirements. It can accommodate exchange rat s and country specific requirements, such as mileage rates and per diem processing. SAP's New Zealand localisations mean you can meet legal and tax regulations for expense reimbursements. The solution also gives you the flexibility to define rules for approvals and audits by destination country, total expense, and by expense type. And managers can approve trips and expenses quickly and efficiently while maintaining an audit trail of all approval processes.

Manage Travel on Your Mobile Device

  • Manage your travel on the Web and on your mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry.
  • Submit a travel request to your manager while on the road
  • Submit receipts remotely

Faster Reimbursement

  • Submit receipts and reconcile expenses with credit card items for faster reimbursement.
  • Credit card integration
  • Integration with SAP ERP


  • Stay within your corporate travel policy.
  • Comply with your travel policies
  • Define booking practices and preferred travel suppliers
  • Stay under expense limits


  • Analyze your travel expenses along flexible dimensions.
  • Monitor your travel spend
  • Gain the ability to control your travel costs