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Soltius deliver’s World-Class Solutions to New Zealand Retailers

Technology is always evolving and this is exemplified in the Retail Industry in recent periods.   While operational efficiency was the traditional focus for Retail technology adoption, new consumer driven technologies are now building competitive advantage for the early adopters as consolidation and globalisation trends continue to manifest themselves in the New Zealand market.

Working with some of New Zealand’s most prominent retailers, Soltius leverages its breadth of services across Supply Chain, Web, Mobility and Data Analytics to deliver world-class retail solutions.

Solutions for all retailers include:

  • Merchandising and Assortments:

Optimally plan, range, schedule and deliver your merchandise to the right place, at the right time, at the right price. 

  • Sourcing, Buying and Manufacturing:

Connect your global network of retail partners and improve collaboration with your suppliers across ordering, invoicing and payment processes and maximize procurement savings.  On-board new suppliers quickly and efficiently and become more dynamic to changing consumer trends. 

  • Supply Chain Management:

Improve inventory transparency across your multi-channel supply chain and reduce stock-outs and back orders. Consider EDI technology initiatives such as dropshipping and leverage your supplier’s warehouse capacity.

  • Mobility in Retail

Engage with our dedicated Mobile team to deliver excellent mobile solutions from high volume back-office Goods Receipting, to beautifully rich consumer focused applications.

  • Web and Social Experience

Exploit activity on the web and social media to build a consistent multichannel customer experience that will increase loyalty, build revenue, and delight customers.

  • Store Operations Excellence

Deliver superior customer interactions that drive confidence and build loyalty.  Leverage your bricks and mortar investments with Click-to-Store, Kiosks and other multi-channel initiatives.

  • Retail Planning and Reporting

Leverage our dedicated Data Analytics team to support your Merchandise and Assortment Planning processes.  Deliver superior operational reports to your business users.  Create dashboards for managers and executives that provide true business insight. 

  • Customer Insights and Predictive Analytics

Leverage advanced data mining techniques to identify new market segments and apply new predictive models using SAP InfiniteInsight® to provide unique personalised customer recommendations.