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People (Philosophy & values)

Soltius people don’t just have the right skills, they have the right attitude as well

Soltius consultants have experience on multiple SAP implementations and are highly valued by our customers – both for the projects they deliver and for the collaborative way in which they operate.

With our customer-centric approach and technical expertise, the Soltius team will work closely with your organisation to understand your unique business needs and ensure you are gaining maximum value from your SAP infrastructure.

Key Principles of the Way We Work

In 2009 we launched our Key Principles of the Way We Work, defining a set of key principles for the way we choose to work together and with our customers that Soltius people use to help them guide their decisions and actions.

The 6 Key Principles are:

  • We act with integrity and respect
  • We empower people
  • We enjoy what we do
  • We are creative and are thought leaders
  • We demonstrate commitment and  personal accountability
  • We are open and approachable.

Here are some more detailed examples for each Key Principle:

We act with integrity and respect

  • We tell the truth and share what we know
  • We take issues head on, address the tough stuff and lead out courageously in conversation
  • We apologise quickly and make things right when we are wrong
  • We treat everyone with respect regardless of who they are
  • We speak about people as if they were present and represent others who aren’t there to speak for themselves.

We empower people

  • We strive to put as much responsibility as possible for our clients and Soltius into the hands of our people
  • We strive to learn and to continuously improve
  • We do not micro manage people and trust that they will be self motivated
  • We listen and consider all suggestions for improvement
  • We will use good judgement to do what is best for our clients and Soltius.

We enjoy what we do

  • We have a passion for getting it right
  • We can laugh while we work
  • We like working with each other
  • We encourage our people to do the things that they are passionate about.

We are creative and are thought leaders

  • We provide creative solutions that add real business value
  • We share our knowledge with our customers and co-workers
  • We continue to train and learn new skills
  • We are flexible in our working arrangements
  • We grow our knowledge and skills for tomorrow’s challenges
  • We  are not bound by traditional thinking

We demonstrate commitment and  personal accountability

  • We say what we will do and we do it
  • We don’t blame others or point fingers when things go wrong
  • We take full responsibility for delivering results, not just completing activities
  • We support each other
  • We aspire to earn loyalty

We are open and approachable

  • We maintain informal lines of communication
  • We are able to read the situation and act appropriately
  • We deal with confrontation promptly and seek mutual resolution
  • We consider all opinions
  • We empathise
  • We listen.