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NDA Group

Growth meant disparate systems were holding NDA back. With SAP Business All-in-One they gained a single, scalable solution

NDA Group is a New Zealand based group of companies which is a world leader in the fabrication of stainless steel process vessels and heat exchangers for industry, and the provision of other specialist products and services to key markets around the world.

The Group’s companies design, manufacture and service products for a wide range of process industries including the dairy, wine, brewing, chemical, mining, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical and food and beverage sectors. Headquartered in Hamilton, the Group has annual revenue of approximately NZ$200m, with multiple New Zealand sites as well as significant operations in Australia, China and the US.


After a sustained period of growth that included the acquisition of a number of companies, NDA Group had multiple systems running across its six divisions.

NDA Group’s Chief Information Officer, Mark McMorran, said that although some of the solutions were still adequate on their own, NDA had identified risks in taking no action. By the beginning of 2008, NDA had added a number of new companies to their group and decided the timing was right to conduct a new ERP selection process.

With NDA expecting further growth, a major requirement was scalability to ensure the system could be expanded and rolled out to any new companies acquired by the group.

A number of solutions were shortlisted and assessed based on total cost of ownership, scalability and their fit for an engineer-to-order fabrication business. While all of the shortlisted products met NDA’s requirements to varying degrees, SAP Business All-in-One was judged to be the strongest as a complete package. Soltius was selected as the implementation partner largely based on their experience implementing the solution in the New Zealand mid-market.

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