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Local and Central Government

Government organisations and councils face intense scrutiny of all I.T. investments. They need a partner they can trust.

Soltius has more than a decade’s experience in providing stable and secure public sector solutions. We have delivered a wide range of projects to public sector organisations, including the Auckland and Christchurch City Councils, New Zealand Police, New Zealand Defence Force, Department of Conservation and the IRD.

We have an unequalled track record in tailoring SAP solutions to meet the unique needs of New Zealand’s public sector organisations.

By adapting SAP solutions to your organisation we can add efficiencies to a range of activities, including:

  • Reporting and analytics:
    With SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence solutions

  • Human Capital Management:
    Integrate employee-related processes and information with overall organisational priorities and strategies

  • Procurement:
    Enable electronic requisitioning and buying, and automate tender and contract processes with legal compliance capabilities

  • Accounting:
    Monitor the flow of funds and manage budget life cycles, from formulation and preparation to execution

  • Tax and revenue management:
    Handle registration and account maintenance, correspondence, billing, audits and compliance
  • Social services:
    Streamline the delivery and case management of a wide range of services to individuals and families

  • Program management:
    Increase efficiency and enhance process transparency to meet the expectations of recipients of government services
  • Public security:
    Consolidate data, share information and ensure that resources are available to support critical security processes