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DELTA Utility Services


When DELTA needed a new system to run more efficiently they turned to Soltius and SAP Business All-in-One

Since being spun out from its parent electricity company in 1998 as an electricity management and maintenance business, DELTA experienced an extended period of evolution and growth as it rapidly expanded the range and diversity of its activities, both functionally and geographically.

To support its early operations, DELTA utilised the Olympic financial software linked to its parent’s core energy billing system. This supported all areas of the business from general ledger and payroll to job management and reporting.

The software met most of the company’s initial requirements, however as operations grew and the demand for information increased in complexity, particularly with regard to contracting and construction activities, it became increasingly evident that the system was unable to deliver all the support required.

Additionally, the ageing software had been tweaked and extended numerous times during its lifespan and there were a growing number of areas in which it was inadequate. The company could bend it to make it do what was required, however it was never really able to provide all the support needed, and there were growing concerns regarding the integrity of the system.

The DELTA structure is one of a series of stand-alone businesses operating co-operatively within a corporate group. The existing financial package was struggling to adequately deal with the cross-billing such a structure required.

After discussing these concerns with SAP partner Soltius, DELTA agreed to look at SAP Business All-in-One to determine whether it could meet its particular requirements.

“We were surprised that it was not as expensive or as complex to work with as we had initially thought,” said Mr Wilson. “After a comprehensive review, inclusive of site visits, we opted to go with SAP Business All-in-One.”

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