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Managing a growing business

As published in Idealog Magazine - November 2015

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You’ve worked hard and your business is growing. Congratulations: Success is something to be proud of. Take time to celebrate. But not too much time because there’s still work to do and challenges to face.

One challenge every growing business comes up against is outgrowing their IT systems. At some point the computers and networks that got you this far start creaking at the seams. They now need to cope with with more staff on the payroll, more trade and greater business complexity.

In the past this was a barrier because computer hardware offers limited scalability. You couldn’t go on adding more servers, memory and storage and keep getting capacity jumps. At some point the only way to keep growing would have meant a large capital investment.

Now you can bypass that headache and head to the cloud where there are almost no limits to scalability. Cloud computing is inexpensive and doesn’t eat into precious capital.

It isn’t only hardware that needs to scale as your company grows. As a business becomes more complicated, you need more sophisticated software. You will generate increased volumes of data, that will stretch your databases. The small business accounting software that was the mainstay of your financial management in the early years no longer has the features and flexibility to deal with your expanding needs. And those Excel spreadsheets that once worked fine for planning are in danger of spinning out of control.

The answer is enterprise resource planning. ERP is the strong, robust software large companies use to manage almost all aspects of business including finances, inventory and supply chain. You can add modules to address other aspects of your business.

Historically ERP was something only large organisations used. It needed significant resources and in-house expertise to customise the software, analyse data and create reports. Thanks to cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that’s changed. Even the smallest organisation can now have the power of ERP delivered direct to the desktop.

Nick Mulcahy, CEO of Soltius, says SAP Business ByDesign is a good choice for companies that have outgrown their existing software. He says it is a Software-as-a-Service ERP system that includes all the key applications needed by a growing business.

“You can start off small with just a few modules, then add more as needed. SAP Business ByDesign is the only cloud-based ERP system with a comprehensive manufacturing capability. It can cope with complex organisations. It also integrates with key software such as CRM and customer engagement tools. The software can also extend out to your customers and deliver eCommerce”, he says.

Another advantage of the Business ByDesign approach is what Mulcahy describes as zero touch. He says: “We can do all the implementation and load the data. You don’t need servers and you don’t need internal support. We can provide you with everything you need”.

Mulcahy says SAP Business ByDesign is ideal for companies who sell through the internet. He says: “Online shops are a little like icebergs. What you get to see is only a small part of what’s there. The bit that’s out of sight can sink a transaction. You need to get the back-end of an online commerce operation right to deliver the goods at the front end. A first-rate ERP system can provide the solid underpinning to make it work”.

Run like never before and manage your entire business with a single Cloud solution. With all of the power and scalability of SAP, and the flexibility and lower cost of Software as a Service, SAP Business ByDesign from Soltius gives you a platform for growth. Learn more today at

As published in Idealog Magazine November 2015.


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