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Asset Intensive Industries

Get more value from your physical assets, manage your projects and deliver services

Enterprises from Asset Intensive industries such as the Utilities, Engineering and contracting/construction sectors, as well as public organisations with large portfolios of assets, face a unique set of business issues.

Soltius has a 15 year track record working with clients in Asset Intensive industries, delivering end-to-end SAP Business All-in-One solutions and SAP Asset Management projects to businesses and enterprises who manage billions of dollars of physical resources – from plants and machinery to land and infrastructure.

In addition to our expertise in SAP Enterprise Asset Management software, we can also deliver end-to-end SAP Business All-in-One solutions tailored to businesses with project-based requirements.

Our solution has core ERP and all the functionality required to manage and maintain assets, plus:

  • Client and opportunity management:
     Integrate your business processes to create profitable, long-term client relationships

  • Project service delivery:
    Create, structure and staff your projects. Execute projects within established timeframes, while managing quality and adherence to contractual agreements

  • Knowledge and resource management:
    Develop, enhance, structure and store the information and knowledge critical to your success

  • Engagement management:
    Ensure accurate and timely billing and reduce the need for manual processes and redundant data entry

  • Partner management:
    Control third-party expenditure

  • Service support:
    Optimise the delivery of ongoing managed services.

Drawing on our own experience as well as the wealth of knowledge amassed by SAP globally, we have launched an online resource centre to share information, insights and best practices with professionals in these communities.

This new website includes case studies, industry trends and thought leadership on a range of topics, from the latest solutions for tracking and maintaining physical assets to the ways in which others are meeting the challenges of long-term infrastructure and one-off maintenance projects.